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Shear Knife holders

Dienes Knife holder Innovations that offer our customers a clear edge over their competitors:

Precise adjustment of knife depth, Reliable and exact positioning of the knife, High speed holders 3,500 m/min, Driven shear cut, Constant Side load CSL, Double axle guidance DF, Quick change head, Adjusting slide easy set, 360 Degree knife guard, Automatic depth adjustment, Modular design, Shear angle plate, Micro depth adjustment, Quick Clamp, Vibration analysis, Spring energy memory, Integrated knife size identification and so much more.

These are the attributes that Make Dienes worldwide number 1 and allow Swemko their exclusive UK partner a product range and technical support before and after sales that is second to none.

From machine builders to complete retrofits to fully automatic positioning systems we have the product within our range  and the experience to give the very best advice and product. 

Slitting Systems

Since 1913 Dienes has dedicated itself to the design and manufacture of high precision slitting systems.

Worldwide experience, with many diverse applications gives our customers the confidence that we have the expertise to offer the correct affordable solution to enhance the performance and productivity for your equipement. 

For more information on our extensive range of holders and systems please contact our converting team.

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